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Secure Server Certificates

Secure Server Certificates

Transferring information securely over the internet is the key to user privacy, data protection and the e-commerce revolution. Our Pro and Business web hosting packages enable you to install an SSL secure server certificate for collecting and processing credit card and other sensitive information. SSL provides "closed lock" security to ensure online visitors that their personal information - including credit card account numbers - is being transmitted securely between their browser and the web server. This means their data can 't be viewed, intercepted, or altered.

These days most browsers would block access to or show a warning if a website collect personal information but does not have SSL certificate installed to protect the transmission of data.

Search engines such as Google rank websites with SSL higher and penalize websites with no SSL. The goal is to make https the standard protocol for web.

SSL certificates are valid for maximum one year and it has to be renewed every year.

Grape.ca provides different secure server certificates. The validation could be based on the domain ownership or organization. For our hosting clients, SSL certificate installation is included in the price of the certificate.

If you need to order a SSL certificate please contact us.